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New Tool Handle Extension America

Best gardening and all long tool handle extensions now also for sale in north America:

  • reduces back pain, relieves hand & arm pain
  • reduces risk of spinal injury
  • easy to install and use on all long handle tools for better tool handling!

The backEZ new tool handle extends the reach and ease in using power tools and non-power tools while putting less stress on the human body backbone / muscles. The new long handle extension attaches to any American long handled tools with ease!

With a BONUS built-in allen key, the strong backEZ tool accessory can be quickly assembled and easily adjusted to suit your individual height, positioning & comfort preferences for most tools in America.

See How The Long Handle Extension Works in America!


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handle extension tool

Reduce back pain

rake handle extension

Rake Handle Extension Attachment

Over 40 applications

spray handle extented

Spray Tool Handle Extension

Quick & easy to install

snow shovel handle extension Canada

Snow Shovel Handle Extension

Relieve hand & arm pain

Garden hoe handle extension

American Garden Hoe Handle Extension

The backEZ Handle dramatically changes bio-mechanics!

backEZ on a normal handle enable us to perform the work in a completely upright position, which allows the spine to remain straight and not stressed.

Health Benefits Of Ergonomic Tools

vacuum cleaner handle extension

The Invention & New Product Exposition – INPEX® America

The backEZ is the world’s most awarded handle innovation and has won numerous American and international awards.

Handling More Handle Invention Awards

new invention award