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Garden Handle’s Tool Benefits

tool-handle-gardening-us4Observations regarding the eziMate handle Patient Xray without an eziMate Patient Xray with an eziMate Patient Xray without eziMate. Patient Xray with an eziMate. Workers who regularly perform jobs of sweeping, mopping, raking etc. often present to the chiropractors with a variety of painful symptoms arising from the repetitive side- bending / twisting action required when using a conventional handle on brooms, rakes etc (action technically known as lateral flexion / rotation of the vertebral column).

X-Ray of the full spine, using the conventional handle, is shown as ‘A’ and illustrates the one-sided curvature that is involved in ‘normal’ sweeping action. The result of repeated / prolonged action involving curvature stress of this kind produces what chiropractors call the ‘subluxation complex’ which can be acute or chronic. Typical of this condition is debilitating back pain, buttock pain and often sciatic pain down one leg – as well as restricted movement and stiffness. What is this ‘subluxation complex’?