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Shovel Handle Extension

Reduce shoveling back pain and risk of back injury with backEZ shovel handle extension


Make digging and shoveling easy while reducing back pain from shoveling and reduce risk of spinal injury with the new backEZ spade and shovel handle extension, now for sale online in America.

Shovel handle extension attaches quickly and easily, with the supplied tool, to all shovel handle lengths and thicknesses.

Gardeners, farm labourers and shovellers of snow, soil and other material need to know about this new invention which makes shovelling safe and easy, so if you know anyone who shovels things, then please do them a favor and share this shovel handle webpage with them before they suffer back injuries.

The shovel handle extension is

  1. made of strong material, and
  2. at the moment, because of new shipment / sales into north America, is offered at a discount for online buying, as an introductory special deal
  3. for the next month, includes FREE shipping of the new shovel handle extension.

American farm labor hire companies should negotiate lower insurance premiums after equipping shovellers and other long tool handle workers with the spade / shovel handle extender.

Contact backEZ, the manufacture of the spade handle extension attachment for a free sample if you have the job of:

  1. Manager of a large Canadian or American labor hire company
  2. Committee member of a large American gardening club
  3. Manager of large public gardens in America
  4. The manager of over 100 American farm workers or road / construction crews who do a lot of digging and shovelling in north America.

See testimonials of shovellers and rakers who’ve shovelled their way to back pain free digging and shoveling in America while gardening and other jobs. Buy shovel handle extensions online in now before selling out of our current store stock levels in America and Canada.