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Tool Handle Testimonials

Members tested & recommended – The backEZ received an incredible 90% approval rating when put to the test!

I would recommend the backEZ to everyone, it is easy to use and really saves your back. I had hurt my back years ago and this is a real treat to use on rakes, shovels, hoes. I can get a lot more work done with this handy device. Thanks for this product to test it, makes all the difference in the world! The handle adjusts to where it is most comfortable for the user. Excellent product!

Corine A. Runion – National Gardening Club Member

Easy on the neck, back and arms
Richard Shahan: When we first looked at this “handle” we thought, ‘There is no way this thing is going to make a difference.’ But we went ahead and tested it anyway. WOW!
Were we surprised! It completely changes the grip and muscles used. It makes everything so much easier and more comfortable. It fits anything with a handle and makes work 100% easier. We need a dozen of these! Ease of putting on and then the ease it gives to your neck/back/arms!

I highly recommend this tool handle extension!
Elizabeth Andrews-Hess: This made the use of my push broom easy. In fact we just had work done on our home and the workers even used it and found it easy to use and took the
strain off the back and I also did not get any blisters. The entire
handle is its best feature! I highly recommend this broom handle extension to anyone that hates to use a push broom or a rake. It takes the stress of my back and makes the broom and rake or anything you might use it for a lot easier!

Tall man didn’t have to lean over to rake
Gerry Terrell: I stand near 6 feet tall and with the backEZ attached to my leaf rake, I did not have to lean over. I could rake for longer periods of time because my lower back did not hurt. Also my wrist position was at a more neutral position
so it definitely helps ergonomically in that manner as well. It was easy to install and to adjust.

Extra leverage helps on any tool
Leann Manus: I like this tool handle attachment design because it gives extra leverage to any tool that it is attached to. An added benefit is that can reduce the amount of work expended for the user. That can benefit anyone without much upper body strength. This tool handle can be easily attached to any long handled garden tool.

I would recommend backEZ tool handle extension to all gardeners
Lydia: I first tried the backEZ on my outdoor broom to sweep away limestone screening. It made the job a lot easier with less strain on my back, shoulders, and arm. I also attached the tool handle to my rake and the backEZ definitely made the chore of raking much easier. I really appreciate the allen wrench that snaps back into the handle after it is attached. No searching for tools! I would recommend the backEZ to all gardeners. It would be great to have one on every long-handled tool in the garden shed!

Makes garden tools easy on the back!
Paul E. Lubic III: The backEZ is so simple to use and makes tedious garden tools easy on the back! Durable, easy to fit on a handle/shaft of a garden tool, added an allen wrench on the handle – the manufacturer had design in mind for the consumer! I used the tool handle  on a pitch fork, rake, and string trimmer. My lower back did not feel as much pain.

backEZ makes gardening easier for any height gardener
Diane Colboch: Standing at only 4’11” this is exactly what I’ve been needing. Garden tools are not made for short people but the backEZ makes using them much more comfortable.

My back wishes to thank you
Dwight Daniel: First off, my back wishes to thank you for backEZ. I was raking leaves after attaching backEZ and right away noticed that I wasn’t leaning forward as much as before, would highly recommend to others, thanks again. Ease of attaching and adjusting position.

I would recommend this product to everyone
Deidre DeFlorentis: The shovel handle extension made it so much easier for me to use my shovel. It changes the way I stand and helps prevent a sore back. Goes on the shovel handle easily, redistributes weight on a shovel and give more force when raking. Allen wrench included in handle, don’t have to hunt for a tool to install it. I would recommend this product to everyone; it makes working in yard a breeze.

Very easy to use
Alan Hart: Very easy to use…just loosen the screws, slip it over the handle and tighten. Made raking and other garden chores much easier on my back. The wrench is attached so it doesn’t get misplaced. It will definitely get a lot of use at my home!

Less strain on my back and knees
Gail: As of this year I’ve had to do all the heavy work myself. This product allowed me to lift a heavier load with a lot less strain on my back and knees. I am able to remove the product from one piece of equipment to another with ease. no hassles. I have told a number of people (women in particular) how great this tool handle extension is and how easy it is to use. I would not hesitate to get another one if this should break. I do not see that happening though as it is very sturdy. GREAT TOOL!

Makes gardening a breeze
Susan Crouch: This backEZ made gardening a breeze, it let me stand straight while still able to do what I needed. This is a very handy tool.

Easily adjusted for any height
Robert Davis: The backEZ
attached to my rake, made the job much easier and less tiring. It is easily adjusted for any height person. It gives you an added leverage that is impossible with a handle alone. Ease of adjustment and ability to switch from one tool to another.

An outstanding tool handle extension!
Michele Schirduan: I found this to be an outstanding product! My husband uses it quite a lot and he has a very bad back and this helps take some of the stress off his back when using shovels, rakes, etc. He always will use the backEZ anytime he is working with a tool that will put stress on his back.

I can rake again after suffering a broken back
Mike Sullivan: I found this to be an outstanding tool accessory! My husband uses it quite a lot and he has a very bad back. The tool handle attachment helps take some of the stress off his back when using shovels, rakes, etc. He always will use the backEZ anytime he is working with a tool that will put stress on his back.

Even with carpal tunnel syndrome, backEZ helps me
Judie Welch: I have carpal tunnel syndrome and a lot of gardening product irritate my hands, but this tool handle extension was comfortable and easy to use. When I unloaded the trailer of dirt, I forgot to put my gloves on. Halfway through the job I realized it and was surprised not to have worn blisters (as usual).

Wow! What a neat tool gadget!
Janie May: Wow! What a neat gadget! I used the backEZ on my rake. What a difference it made with my back! The backEZ easily adjusts for your height. I will be using the backEZ on all of my long handled tools – from hoe, to rake, to garden fork. It is so easy to apply.

Great for the back
Kathy Gocke: Highly recommended. Great for the back. I used the tool handle extension on a pitchfork and saved bending to clean out livestock pens. Easy to install on any single handled pitchfork or shovel. Strong and has an easy grip. Great addition to any work area that uses long handled tools.

I love the portability
Richarda Wilerson: I love the portability of being able to move it from one handle to another and the varying sizes. It works! Wow I wish I’d thought of this invention.

Makes long handled tools easier on you
Patricia Blair: Makes using long handled tools easier on you and less stressful to your back. That it is easily adjusted to any handle size. A very useful product to have in your home. Easy to use and small enough to store when not in use.

This product is a great idea
Dottie Brooks: The backEZ is easy to attach to any long handle tool you are using such as a rake and it makes it easier on your back and arm because it is easier to use. I think this product is a great idea. The handle grip is great because you can turn it sideways or straight up and then tighten it up. A great product!

It made raking so much easier
Keith Korody: I installed backEZ on my garden rake and it made raking so much easier by allowing me to stay upright more and my hand was at a more comfortable angle and I could apply more effort, not tire out as quickly. It allows me to grip the handle better and work more efficiently.

A simple rake handle extension that really helps the “old back”
Mae Brandt: I can’t figure out why it took so long to come out with the backEZ. It is great. So effortless. I didn’t even feel like I was raking. It made the job much, much easier. The best feature was the design. It kept me from stooping over to rake. I did it standing straight. No backache! A simple product that really helps the “old back.”

Helps keep you from bending over while working
Carole Goforth: Was easy to put on and really helps keep you from bending over while working. Easy to change from one tool to another such as hoes and rakes and even shovels.

eziMate really does save your back
Christina Lott: The backEZ really does save your back. I had a lot of yard work to do when I received this product and put it to good use. Raking was a breeze. I believe it put less pressure on my arms, too. I want one on every tool so I don’t have to move it from one to another as I work. I love that the tool for attaching it is affixed right to it. It’s real solid and sturdy too. Thank you, I love this tool handle extension.

It helps when lifting heavy, wet snow
Nick & Amy Trogu: If you don’t want to buy a curved handled snow shovel, then buy this product to adapt to shovel handle. It helps when lifting heavy wet snow. The ability to move handle from one shovel to the next, or to different garden tools.

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